How do I Edit/Delete a Post?

Delete media, make edits or delete scheduled posts from the web.

Only future schedule posts/ posts that have not been marked "posted" (greyed out) can be edited or unscheduled . 

From Later on the web you can:

  • Delete multiple media items at a time 
  • Unschedule or delete unposted content
  • Edit the caption, crop & time of a scheduled post

Note: You can still update the link after a post has gone live!

How to delete a Post:

  1. Go to your Content Calendar from Later on the web
  2. Select the post you wish to unschedule/delete
  3. Click Discard Post

How to edit a scheduled post:

  1. Go to content calendar from later on the web
  2. Select the post you wish to edit
  3. Edit the caption, crop, scheduled time or the link 
  4. Click Save to update post

Note: Edits and deleting scheduled posts can also be done from the Later mobile app.

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