How to Toggle Between Your Social Profiles

Later helps you manage multiple groups of Social Profiles from one Later account, including Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter.

Simply add your social profiles and create multiple groups to better manage access to your photos, videos and social profiles. Now you can can have multiple media libraries so you never have to share all your photos and videos with all your accounts and team members.

Note: Groups are only available from paid plans. 

Toggle between Social Profiles from Later on the Web:

  1. From your Later account, click the Groups Selector to go to the group of social profiles you'd like to manage

 2. Once you're in the right group, from the top of the Calendar page select the social profile you'd like to schedule for

Toggling between social profiles, drag and drop media items to schedule and use your Visual Instagram Planner to better plan your Instagram feed and quickly AutoSchedule all of your posts! 

If your  Later plan allows it, you can also add an additional social profile from here. Simply click the + symbol and connect your social profile. 

Important: Before opening your post in Instagram, make sure to be logged into the right Instagram otherwise you will post to the Instagram account you're currently logged into.

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