Set Up for your Instagram

What is is a page that helps you direct your Instagram audience to the right products and content right from your Instagram Bio by building a clickable, shoppable feed that resembles your Instagram. Plus with Later's  Pro Instagram Analytics you can begin monitoring the incoming traffic from your page to your website to see the total number of clicks, views and average clicks per post.

How it works:

  • must be added as the link on your Instagram profile bio
  • The link directs followers to a web and mobile optimized landing page that displays your Instagram posts as clickable images
  • You add links to the Instagram posts you schedule through Later
  • Each posts becomes clickable and links to a web page of your choice
  • Monitor the clicks on your page with Later Analytics

Important: Follow all the steps below, but most importantly, don't forget to add your link in your Instagram Biography.

Step 1: Setup your

Go to your  Social Profiles & Groups page and go into the group that contains your Instagram account. 

Next click on the Instagram account to open up the menu and click 

From this page:

  • enable the page
  • add the text for you website button
  • add a link to your website. 

Step 2: Build your page

Tip: No one likes a blank page, so before giving your followers access to your page, make sure to post at least 9 photos with a link!

Screen Shot 2016-06-14 at 6.04.56 PM.png

Add links to your posts:

When scheduling your posts from Later, add links to each one of your posts. To populate your quicker, start by adding links to your old posts! 

Go to your Calendar page and from here you can either:

  1. Select a post on the content calendar that is already scheduled or posted from Later and add the link in the field

   2. Create a new post and add the link you want to direct your audience to ex.

   3. Next, click  Save to save the changes and you’re done!


Tip: Save time by skipping the http:// or www. Simply type in the main url and the domain ex.

Once you’ve added links to at least 9 of your post, you are ready to make your page live!

Step 3: Add your link in your Instagram Profile

IMPORTANT: Now add your page to your Instagram Instagram Biography. 

The Url link will be formatted like this:<your IG profile>  

Tip: Click Preview to see what your page will look like

Finally, go to your Instagram Profile and add the link in the Instagram Biography. 

Step 4: Monitor your clicks with Analytics

With your page helping you drive more sales and traffic from your Instagram to your product pages, it’s important to monitor the clicks and visits your page generates over time. You can find out more about Analytics here. 

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