How do I upgrade to a Premium, Starter or Brand plan?

Is it time to upgrade your plan?

You've worked hard for your success. We'll work harder for you.

  • Upgrade from a Free plan to one of our paid plans
  • Change from a Premium Plan or Business Starter plan to a Brand Plan
  • Didn't find a plan that fits? Contact us for custom, enterprise plans. 

How to upgrade your plan - from Later on the Web

Want a shortcut? Go directly to our  Accounts Page and Select the plan you want.

Or follow these simple steps:
  1. Sign into Later on the web
  2. Go to your Account Settings
  3. Select Billing
  4. Next, click the button that says Change Plan

  • Add your credit card details if you're upgrading from a free plan (skip this step if you're already on a Paid plan) 
  • Select the plan you'd like to upgrade to


  • We expect smooth sailing, but if you have issues with your upgrade please email us and someone on our support team will be able to assist you.

  • Still need help? Contact Us Contact Us