Later for video upload

Later supports video uploads from both Later on the web & the mobile app.

Important: Video is only available to Paid Plans.

Notes on Using Later Video Upload:
  • Size: Add videos up to 512 Mb in size
  • Length: We only limit you on size (512Mb) but Instagram requires all videos to be between 3 and 60 seconds
  • Number: unlimited uploads (one video post is equivalent to one post)
  • Edits: Edit your video length, adjust sound, select the cover photo and add filters in the Instagram app.
  • GIF's: Instagram does not support GIFs, but you can add them to your media library to post on Twitter and Facebook

Note: We support most video formats ex. MP4's M4V, QuickTime, 3GP, AAC, AVI, MP4 and MPEG-2 etc.

Troubleshooting Video Uploading Issues: 

If you are having troubles uploading your video to Later, here are some steps you can take to troubleshoot the issue: 

  1. If you are uploading from Drive or Dropbox - download the video to your computer first, and try uploading the video from your desktop
  2. Try uploading in another browser
  3. Ensure that you do not have a pop-up blocker on your browser, as this can intefere with video uploads
  4. Make sure the video is not an Apple Pro Res export. We do not support 
  5. Test your internet connection - you can test the strength of your internet connection here. Upload speeds under 10mbps indicate an internet connection that is too weak to upload videos. 

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