Posting Square, Landscape, Portrait photos on Instagram with Later

Now that Instagram supports this format you can crop your photos into Landscape, Portrait and Square mode from Later on the web or the mobile app. To schedule non-square photos, make sure you have installed the latest iOS orAndroid update

To crop your photo in Later

1.   Upload your photos to Later on the web

2.   Drag and drop your media item from the side library into the content calendar

3.   Edit the crop by clicking Edit Crop button in the top left of your image.

4.  Choose  Square Crop, Instagram Landscape, Instagram Portrait or Free Form

5.  Click Update to save the changes

  Add your captions and hashtags and click Save to schedule your post.

Note: Image rotation is currently not available from Later. 

Posting your Photos to Instagram: Landscape/Portrait Photos

  1. Open the mobile notification when it's time to post
  2. Your photo will upload to Instagram's photo page 
  3. Click on the photo icon in the bottom bar to compose the photo and adjust the size or filters.
  4. Long tap to paste your caption

Note: currently we don't have any other editing capabilities. If you're looking to resize your image please do so before uploading to Later.

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