How Do I Refresh My Credentials?

What does it mean to "Refresh my Credentials"?

Your credentials are permission tokens granted by social networks like Facebook and Instagram which allow Later to interact with with the profiles to access information required for the use of certain Later features. For example for Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest credentials allow us to automatically post to the right account, while on Instagram your credentials can allow you to use:

  • Search & Repost
  • like and comment on your own post (from Search & Repost) 
  • preview your scheduled posts on your Instagram feed (Visual Instagram Planner)

Occasionally these credentials will expire and permission will need to be refreshed in order to re-establishing connection between Later and your social profiles.

Things that can cause your credentials to be expire:

  •  to protect your privacy the networks will expire periodically 
  • when you change the password on one of your accounts
  • when any malicious actions have been done from your account (spammy activity)

How do I Refresh my Credentials?

Important: if you have a pop up blocker enabled on your browser please make sure to disable it before clicking Refresh. Otherwise try it on another browser.

Go to  Later on the web and from there click Settings (Gear Icon)

Next go into Social Profiles and Groups page and from there go into the Group that contains the social profile that needs to be refreshed.

Beside the social profile, click the  Refresh button  and log back in with your username and password.

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