Schedule One Post to Multiple Social Profiles

Now you can schedule the same photo to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest - at the same time!

Multi-Profile scheduling lets you choose the social profiles you'd like to schedule the same photo/video to, tailor each caption and customize the crop for each network. Plus all your posts will be highlighted in a single calendar view so you can get a better idea of how your social content is planned out for the upcoming weeks!

Multi-Profile Scheduling is there to help you:

  • Spend less time scheduling your social content
  • Coordinated campaigns/content across multiple social channels
  • Ensure you’ve scheduled the necessary content on all social channels for an upcoming campaign
  • Identify possible conflicting times/dates on your scheduled posts

Step 1: Select the Social Profiles

From the top of the calendar click the + sign to select the social profile(s) you’d like to view/schedule posts for.

Step 2: Schedule Your Posts

Drag and drop the photo you wish to schedule and add a generic caption that can then be edited to fit the character limits for each network.

Next, crop your photo to the optimized image size for each network. 

Last, make the edits necessary for each post to fit the character/posting limits based. Ex. Twitter can only have140 characters, or select a board to post to for Pinterest. 

Hit  Save.

Step 3: View Posts in a Single Calendar

Once you’re done scheduling all of your posts will be visible from one calendar, with each post marked by the colour of the social profile it is scheduled for.

To change the posting dates/times drag and drop the post to the corresponding timeslot.

And you’re done! To go back to a single calendar view simply click on the social profile you wish to go back to. 

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