Find Your Best Time to Post on Instagram

Later’s Best Time to Post (BTTP) feature helps you identify your most optimized days and times to post to Instagram for maximum engagement.

Our algorithm determines your best time to post by analyzing your historic post data on your top performing posts. Then Later highlights the times right on your content calendar. So with these times in mind the next time you’re scheduling your posts simply find the pink timeslots, schedule your posts and see your engagement increase. 

Tip: Now that you know you’re best times to post to Instagram, it’s time to automate your scheduling process. Set up an AutoSchedule by assigning a timeslot on your best times to post.

Things to Note:

  • Best Time to Post is only available on Business Plans (Premium, Starter, Brand & Custom Plans)
  • Data on best times is based on all your Instagram posts for that social profile (including native posts)
  • Best Time to Post is only available for Instagram
  • You must have 50 or more posts in the last 6 months (last 2 weeks of posts do not count)
  • If you’re on a business plan or upgrade to a business plan Best Time to Post will be automatically enabled for you.
  • 7 is the maximum number of suggested weekly timeslots
  • Suggested times will only be visible on weekly view

How to enable Best Time To Post?

To see your best time to post, you need to enable it from your Calendar Settings.  

Your calendar settings can be found at the top right of your Calendar, it is a little gear icon. Select your calendar settings and toggle to enable your Best Time To Post optimization. 

Note: You can only see the option to enable your best times to post if you have a single Instagram profiles selected on your calendar to view

Important: Running your best time to post may take up to one hour.

Once your best time to post has been enabled, you should see the highlighted times on your calendar!

How does Best Time to Post work?

To determine your best time to post, Later analyzes a combination of posts published both through Later and directly through Instagram. In order for the data to be statistically significant, the algorithm will only utilize your last 50 (or more) top performing posts in the last 6 months and removes any outliers (e.g. extreme high/low engagement posts). If your Instagram account has less than 50 posts in the last six months you will not see any suggested times.

Since your BTTP is based on previous posts’ performance, if you consistently post on Tuesday, Thursday and Fridays at 9AM and 5PM, the best time to post will only suggest these times. Therefore to ensure you get a more encompassing insight into your best time to post we recommend experimenting scheduling content at different days and times and let us do the math for you!

Lastly, Later can suggest up to 7 best times for you to post throughout the week, however you may only see 3 or 4 because remember quality is better than quantity!

Pro Tip: To get the ultimate insights for your best time to post experiment scheduling content on different days and times for a few weeks. So the next time we run a query on your best time to post Later can gather a more comprehensive report.

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