How Do I Enable Instagram Sign In?

Follow these quick steps to enable your Instagram login!

Step 1: Login to your Later account with Later email & password

First, you will need to find the email associated with your Later account: This is easy. it's the email that we send you emails to :)

If you don't remember your password, don't worry! Go to and from there click "Forgot Password". Add the email here to send a reset password request.

Once you have got your email/password, login to Later.

Step 2: Enable Instagram Login

Now that you're in your Later account let's enable your Instagram login!

1. Go to your Later Settings 

2. Click on Social Profiles & Groups page and select the Group that contains the Instagram account you want to login with:

3. Click on the Instagram account and select the Login tab in the pop up box

4. From the dropdown menu select the team member (email) you'd like to be logged in as when using this Instagram's login. 

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