Saved Captions

Cut the time you spend writing your hashtags and captions with Saved Captions. With this feature, you can now create templates to save your most commonly used hashtags. When it’s time to schedule, simply select one of your Saved Captions to add it to your post. You can now also access your Saved Captions on mobile!

What you need to know about Saved Captions:

  • Saved Captions are bits of text that you use over and over again ex. groups of hashtags 
  • Saved Captions are displayed in order of most frequently used to least frequently used.
  • Saved Captions are designated to a group. Only the team members & social profiles that are part of that group can access the Saved Captions.

Access Saved Captions

Saved Captions can be accessed from any Media Item.

Simply choose a Media Item, click Show Notes and select Saved Captions


You can also access your Saved Caption when scheduling a post.

Just drag and drop your photo into the calendar and click Saved Captions at the bottom of the caption field.

From here you can:

  1. Create a new Saved Caption
  2. Add an existing Saved Caption to your post
  3. Edit your Saved Captions

Create a New Saved Caption

Use Saved Captions for any text you wish to re-use to quickly add to your posts, such as captions, mentions, separation breaks (periods) for styling, campaigns, and more.

To save time, open an existing post that contains your most frequently used hashtags.

Click Saved Captions

From here you can either:

  1. Auto-copy the entire caption by clicking Copy Current Text as Saved Caption


  1. Manually copy new content you wish to use by clicking the “+” symbol and then pasting the content

Next, name your Saved Caption, make any last edits, and click Save Caption.

Add a Saved Caption to your Post

Saved Captions are great for saving time when scheduling the same content for Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest. Now you can create a Saved Caption of generic hashtags and use them across the board when scheduling your posts. 

So now that you’ve created your Saved Captions, let’s take advantage of them!

Drag a photo into the Content Calendar to schedule a post.

Tip: Add notes to your media items to plan your captions. These notes will automatically copy into the caption field when scheduling.

Next, click Saved Captions and either use the search bar to browse by title or scroll to find the right template.

Select one or multiple Saved Captions to add to the post.

Finally, click Done and then Save to finish scheduling your post.

Saved Captions on Mobile

Looking to create posts on the go, or think of a great hashtag combination. You can now create, edit, and add saved captions on the mobile app! Find out more about Saved Caption on mobile

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