Twitter Scheduling

Schedule your Tweets with Later! 

Simply connect your Twitter account and start scheduling all your visual marketing content from one Later account.

Here’s how Twitter scheduling works:

  • Auto-posts! That’s right, Twitter has no restrictions on auto-posting so simply schedule and leave the posting up to us
  • Schedule for Twitter from the web or from the Later mobile app.
  • Twitter post must be scheduled with a photo/video (text only coming soon!)
  • Post limits: Free plans have 50 Twitter posts per month while paid plans have unlimited Twitter posts. Twitter and Instagram posts are counted separate
  • Number of social profiles: 1 social profile per social network, so free & plus plans can manage 1 Instagram account and 1 Twitter account, premium plans 2 Instagram accounts and 2 Twitter accounts and so on.

Now let’s get Tweeting!

Step 1: Add Twitter as a Social Profile

Sign into  Later on the web and click the Group Selector in the bottom left corner

Select the Group you'd like to add Twitter to. If you have multiple groups, make sure to select the group you would like to add your Twitter account to.

Click the  + symbol at the top of the Calendar and follow the prompts to connect your Twitter account.

Step 2: Schedule your Tweets for the week

To bulk schedule your posts, make sure to create your own  AutoSchedule queue for Twitter. 

Once that's all ready, simply select the media items in the order you'd like to schedule them and then click AutoSchedule or drag and drop the photo/video into the calendar.

A reminder Twitter posts scheduled using Later must contain a photo or video, text based only Tweets will be available soon!

Step 3: Add your Captions

If you haven't already drafted your tweet with  Media Notes, then you'll need to go back into each post to add the text. 

Note: Twitter has a 116 character limit on posts with images. This is because Tweets normally have a 140 character limit but when an image is added Twitter uses up 24 characters.

Click  Save to schedule your post!

And you’re done! Now all you have to do is let us do the posting for you.

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