How to Schedule and Publish Instagram Posts with Later

You can schedule posts for Instagram on desktop and mobile. 

Save time by scheduling your Instagram posts on your desktop -making it easier post consistently, write your captions, research hashtags, plan out the look of your feed, and organize your content. 

Note: Publishing to Instagram needs to be done on a mobile app as Instagram requires you to post through their app. Later sends you a mobile notification at the time you scheduled the post on your mobile (iOS or Android) phone or tablet and opens the post in Instagram ready for you to post.

Step 1: Upload media into your Media Library

First, you will need to  upload the content you are looking to schedule into your Later Media Library. You can upload content from your desktop, Dropbox, or Google Drive

Step 2: Create an Instagram post

After your content has uploaded into Later, you can start creating posts!

To create a post, drag and drop a media item from your side library onto the calendar at the time you would like it scheduled. 

Once you have created a post, you can:

  • Write a caption for your post
  • Edit the crop of your post
  • Adjust the time of your scheduled post

Make sure to hit save once you are done!

Tip: Once you have scheduled some posts, you can check out what they will look like on Instagram with our  Visual Instagram Planner! Rearrange your scheduled post until you are happy with your Instagram feed!

Step 3: Publish your post on Instagram

At the time of posting, you will get a push notification on your connected mobile device to post your content to Instagram. 

To publish your Instagram post, you will need to:

  1.  Open the Mobile Notification in Later 
  2. Preview the post in Later  
  3. Check that you are logged into the right Instagram profile and click open the Post in Instagram. 
  4. On iOS, select Copy to Instagram from the available apps
  5. Long tap the caption area on Instagram to paste your caption
  6. Hit Share in Instagram and you've published successfully to Later

Scheduling and publishing multi-photo posts in Instagram works a little differently - if you are looking to schedule and publish posts with multiple images and videos, check out this help guide!

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