Scheduling & publishing to Instagram

Scheduling can be done from both the web and mobile apps. Publishing to Instagram needs to be done on a mobile app as Instagram requires you to post through their app. Later sends you a mobile notification at the time you scheduled the post on your mobile (iOS or Android) phone or tablet and opens the post in Instagram ready for you to post. Watch the video above or follow the steps above.  


Create a Post on the Later Web Calendar

a) Upload a photo from your computer, phone or tablet 

b) Choose Square, Landscape or Portrait Mode for your Crop  

c) Write your caption with hashtags and mentions  

d) Drag the post onto the calendar or choose a time


Plan your week using our Visual Content Calendar

a) Create post(s) for each day  

b) Preview in the Instagram Grid Preview (optional)


Publish on Instagram at the time you scheduled

a) Open the Mobile Notification in Later   
b) Preview the post in Later 
c) Ensure you're logged into the Instagram with the correct Instagram account 
d) Open the Post in Instagram 
e) Choose the Landscape/Portrait mode in Instagram if the post is a Landscape/Portrait photo 
f) Tap the Caption Area and hit paste 
g) Hit Share in Instagram and you've published successfully to Later

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