Managing Media from the Side Library

Managing your Media from the Side Library

The side library is where media library meets the content calendar. It helps organize the media stored in your media library so you can easily search, find and repurpose media items and schedule them for multiple social profiles

Go to Later on the web and click Calendar to view your content calendar, the side library will be located on the left hand side.

The side library is organized by:

  1. Unused media: media items that you’ve uploaded to Later but have not used to schedule post
  2. Used media: these are media items previously used to schedule a posts for your social profile
  3. Labels Search: The labels search allows you to filter all your media items by labels so you can quickly find what you’re looking for and begin scheduling 

Since media items can be used to schedule posts over and over again, all the media found in the side library, whether used or unused, is up for grabs. You’ll be able to crop, add a caption and hashtags, and even schedule the same photo multiple times for different social profiles. Create a new post by dragging and dropping a media item from the side library into the content calendar, enter your caption, and click save to schedule.

Tip: When creating a post, the media item copies over the any notes into the caption field, so feel free to edit them directly on the post. The original note attached to the media item will not be updated. You can also change the media notes on a media item even after being used to create a post. When you update the notes on the media item the captions will not be affected on the post already scheduled. 

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