How Do I Schedule My Post?

If you're looking to save time scheduling multiple photos and videos at time, you can use AutoSchedule to bulk schedule multiple posts.

To Bulk Schedule your Posts:

1.  Create your weekly queue/schedule

2.  Select the photos/videos in the order you want to schedule them

3.  Drag the photos into the calendar to schedule them.  

Important: You can schedule one post at a time if you wish, but if you want to bulk schedule you'll need to first create an AutoSchedule queue from Later on the web.

Step 1: Create your AutoSchedule 

Note: Each one of your social profiles can have their own AutoSchedule so first make sure to select the right social profile.

To create your weekly queue go to the Content calendar and double click on all of the timeslot you want to add to your AutoSchedule

Step 2: Select the Photos you want to Schedule 

Next select the photos/videos from your side library in the order you want to schedule them in.

Note: The side library is separated by Unused and Used media. Used media contains all unscheduled images/videos, while used media is all the the media that has been used previously to create posts. All your media can be used over and over again to schedule posts for your social profiles. 

Step 3: Drag and Drop to Schedule

Drag and drop the photos/videos selected or click AutoSchedule to add them to your queue.  

Finally go into each post to add a crop, a catchy caption, trending hashtags and mentions. Click Save to schedule your post!

Tip: draft your captions prior to scheduling by adding Media Notes to each photo/video. The Notes will automatically paste into the caption field once the photo is scheduled.

If you're scheduling your Instagram posts, make sure to use your  Visual Instagram Planner to plan and schedule your posts!

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