Why do I need to download the Later App?

Instagram requires a mobile device in order to post, auto-posting is not allowed.

We work with Instagram to provide a safe and effective method for you to  schedule, plan and publish to Instagram. When you schedule a post, we send the photo and caption to our mobile app on your phone at the right time, and then it's just one-click to post your photo to Instagram.

Here are the 2 main reasons why you need to download the Later app:

1. Instagram does not allow auto-posting:

Instagram has limitations to it's API (application program interface) which prevents any third party to auto-post content directly into Instagram. Any app which automatically publishes/posts to Instagram for you is violating Instagram's terms of use and may put your account at risk of being banned or disabled.  

2. Instagram requires Later to Post through the Instagram App:

Instagram requires us to post everything through their mobile app, we cannot post directly from Later on the web. Therefore we require you to install our mobile app so we can link your mobile app to your desktop account. 

Here is how Later Works:

1. Schedule your Instagram post from Later on the web or Later mobile App

2. When it's time to post, we send a mobile notification letting you know it's time

3. You open the notification, which pushes the photo into the Instagram mobile

4. We auto copy your caption to your clipboard, all you need to do is tap and paste

5. Click Share to publish to Instagram

From the your Desktop you can:

1. Upload, store and organize all your photos with  Media Library 

2.  Schedule a week (or month!) of posts

3. Preview your post with the Visual Instagram Planner 

4.  Search for Instagram content, add it directly to your media library and repost into your own feed

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