Scheduling Instagram posts from your IOS mobile device

Step 1: Select the Instagram account you'd like to schedule to

If you manage multiple Instagram accounts from Later:

  1.  Go to the schedule tab on the Later App 
  2.  From the top drop down menu select the Instagram account you'd like to schedule to. 

Step 2: Go to your Media Library 

  1. Next go select the Media tab to access your photos and videos 

Step 3: Create and Schedule your Post 

To schedule:

  1. Find the media item you want to schedule - you can schedule both used and unused media
  2. Select the media item and click Create Post.
  3. You can add your caption and edit your Crop
  4. Once you're done editing, tap the Next button and select the date and time to schedule

Upload New Media from your Phone

Want to upload a new photo from your phone? No problem! To upload photos from the Later mobile app:

  1. From the Media tab select the + symbol 
  2. Choose the photo from your camera roll to upload 

Your photo will now be stored in your Media Library and seamlessly synced between Later on the web and the Later app. 

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